Impact of price concessions across NHS England

Price concessions are a short term agreement by the NHS to pay for more expensive versions of a generic medicine because pharmacists are unable to obtain the generic at its usual price. This dashboard tracks the additional costs these concessions create.

Standard prices are updated monthly from NHS BSA, concession data is updated daily from PSNC.

Over the last 12 months we estimate that price concessions have cost NHS England an additional
£147,700,000 (of which £115,300,000 is in the current financial year)

Projected cost breakdown for December 2018

These are projected costs, produced by combining drug tariff and price concession data for December 2018 with the latest available prescribing data for October 2018.

Actual costs are estimated from the Net Ingredient Cost by applying a national average discount of 7.2%

BNF code Presentation Quantity (Oct 18) Normally costs This month’s extra cost

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