NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG

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Standard measures

Our 77 standard measures compare performance across England. This is the measure where NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG has the greatest potential for improvement. View all 77 measures...

NHS low priority measures

These are measures about low-value items which NHS England says should not routinely prescribed in primary care. This is the ranking of NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG for all low-value items combined. View the 25 measures...

Savings on individual presentations

Every month, we identify the biggest cost saving opportunities for NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG. We also indicate cheaper options, based on what others have prescribed.

The theoretical maximum of savings this CCG could have saved this month through prescription switches. Read more...

Price concessions cost

We estimate that in September 2019 price concessions for out-of-stock medicines will cost NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG an additional

See the full breakdown of this estimate, view costs for other months, and sign up for alerts on the price concessions dashboard.

Ghost-branded generics

New: many practices are mistakenly prescribing generics as if they are brands. See a list of generics that may be affected here.

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