AMPP 24643011000001103

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Description B-Max 1,000microgram capsules (Nutraconcepts Ltd) 30 capsule
BNF code 0901020T0BDABAF
Virtual Medicinal Product Pack Mecobalamin 1mg capsules 30 capsule
Actual Medicinal Product B-Max 1,000microgram capsules (Nutraconcepts Ltd)
Legal category Not Applicable
Medicinal Product Price
Price (pence) 1499
Date of price validity 23 Jun 2014
Price prior to change date (pence) 6130
Price basis NHS Indicative Price
Reimbursement Information
Prescription charges 1
Dispensing fees 1
Broken bulk
Calendar pack
FP34D prescription item
Global Trade Item Number
GTIN 5060357610036
GTIN date 11 Jun 2014

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