VMP 36459011000001106

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Name Diltiazem 0.4% ointment
BNF code 0107010AAAAAQAQ
Virtual Therapeutic Moiety Diltiazem
Basis of preferred name rINN - Recommended International Non-proprietary
Prescribing status Valid as a prescribable product
Sugar free
Gluten free
Preservative free
CFC free
Dose form Continuous
Virtual Product Ingredient
Ingredient Diltiazem hydrochloride
Basis of pharmaceutical strength Based on Ingredient Substance
Strength value numerator 4.000
Strength value numerator unit mg
Strength value denominator 1.000
Strength value denominator unit gram
Dose Form
Formulation Ointment
Drug Route
Route Route of administration not applicable
Controlled Drug Prescribing Information
Controlled Drug category No Controlled Drug Status
Actual Medicinal Products
Diltiazem 0.4% ointment (Special Order)
Virtual Medicinal Product Packs
Diltiazem 0.4% ointment 1 gram

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