NHS England Low Priority Treatment Consultation - Higher Cost Blood Glucose Test Strips by all CCGs

Why it matters: Blood Glucose Test Strips (BGTS) range in price between approximately £5.50 to £16.50 per box. There is no evidence that suggests that there are any significant differences between strips, and all meters must comply against a set international standard (ISO15197:2013). For type 2 diabetes, NHS England is promoting the use of lower cost strips, i.e. those under £10 per box, which are already in widespread use across the NHS. Please note that this data is for all test strip prescribing, as we are unable to determine whether prescribing is for type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

This measure is currently under consultation. More details can be found on the NHS England website.

Description: Cost of higher cost (≥£10/box) blood glucose testing strips per 1000 patients

CCGs are ordered by mean percentile over the past six months. Each chart shows the results for the individual CCG, plus deciles across all CCGs in the NHS in England.

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