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Top ghost-branded generics for Braithwaite RD Surgery in October 2020

Ghost-branded generics are generic items which have unintentionally been prescribed with a manufacturer name. For example, Naratriptan 2.5mg Tablets is the correct generic name; a ghost-branded version is Naratriptan 2.5mg Tablets (Teva UK Limited). When an item is prescribed generically, the dispenser is reimbursed at the price in the Drug Tariff; but when a manufacturer is stated, the reimbursement price is usually more expensive. Read more in our FAQ, or view change over time.

This is a list of all generic items where the price paid has differed significantly from the Drug Tariff price. We estimate Braithwaite RD Surgery could have saved at least £ in October 2020 by avoiding ghost-branded generics.

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Presentation Possible savings PPU Drug Tariff PPU
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