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Every month, the NHS in England publishes anonymised data about the drugs prescribed by GPs. But the raw data files are large and unwieldy, with more than 700 million rows. We're making it easier for GPs, managers and everyone to explore - supporting safer, more efficient prescribing.

Got a tricky query for the data? We can often provide custom extracts, we know the data well, and we’re keen to collaborate with academics and clinicians. to find out more.

How to cite: If you use our data or graphs, please cite as OpenPrescribing.net, EBM DataLab, University of Oxford, 2021 so that others can find us and use our tools.

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We've identified standard prescribing measures, and created dashboards for every Clinical Commissioning Group in the country.

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We've identified standard prescribing measures, and created dashboards for every GP practice in the country.

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See how national prescribing trends have changed since 2010, for any drug or BNF section that interests you.

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