14.4: Vaccines and antisera

Part of chapter 14 Immunological Products and Vaccines

High-level prescribing trends for Vaccines and antisera (BNF section 14.4) across all GP practices in NHS England for the last five years. You can explore prescribing trends for this section by CCG, or learn more about this site.

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Cholera (1404000E0)
Diphtheria (1404000F0)
Haemophilus Influenzae B/Meningococcal C (1404000AF)
Haemophilus Influenzae Vaccine (1404000Y0)
Hepatitis A (140400030)
Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B (140400070)
Hepatitis A/Typhoid Vaccine (1404000AD)
Hepatitis B (1404000G0)
Human Papillomavirus (Type 16 18) (1404000AI)
Human Papillomavirus (Type 6 11 16 18) (1404000AH)
HumPapvirus(T-6 11 16 18 31 33 45 52 58) (1404000AM)
Influenza (1404000H0)
Influenza H1N1(Split viron inact adjuv) (1404000AJ)
Influenza H1N1(Whole viron vero inact) (1404000AK)
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (inact ad) (1404000AR)
Measles. Mumps & Rubella Vaccine (1404000W0)
Meningococcal A + C Vaccine (1404000AN)
Meningococcal A + C + W135 + Y Vaccine (1404000X0)
Meningococcal B Vaccine (1404000AQ)
Meningococcal C Vaccine (1404000AP)
Pneumococcal (1404000L0)
Poliomyelitis (1404000M0)
Rabies (1404000N0)
Rotavirus (1404000AG)
Rubella (1404000P0)
Shingles (H/Z) (1404000AL)
Tetanus (1404000R0)
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Vaccine (1404000AA)
Typhoid (1404000S0)
Varicella Vaccine Live (140400050)
Yellow Fever (1404000U0)