21: Appliances

High-level prescribing trends for Appliances (BNF section 21) across all GP practices in NHS England for the last five years. You can explore prescribing trends for this section by CCG, or learn more about this site.

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21.1: Other Appliances
21.2: Catheters
21.3: Chiropody Appliances
21.4: Contraceptive Devices
21.5: Suprapubic Appliances
21.6: Trusses
21.7: Elastic Hosiery
21.8: Oxygen Masks
21.9: Special Sanction Authorisations
21.10: C.A.P.D. Administration Equipment
21.11: Special Authorisation Guernsey
21.12: Peak Flow Meters
21.13: Catheter Maintenance Products
21.14: Lubricant Gels
21.16: Irrigation Solutions
21.17: Nasal Device
21.18: Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction
21.19: Oral Film Forming Agents
21.20: Venous Ulcer Compression System
21.21: Dry Mouth Products
21.22: Emollients
21.23: Vaginal Moisturisers
21.24: Nasal Products
21.25: Vaginal Dilators
21.26: Leg Ulcer Wrap
21.27: Lymphoedema Garments
21.28: Anal Irrigation System
21.29: Pressure Offloading Device
21.30: Eye Products
21.31: Cycloidal Vibration Accessories
21.32: Inhalation Solutions
21.33: Indwelling Pleural Cath Drain System
21.34: Vaginal PH Correction Products
21.35: Acne Treatment
21.36: Adhesive Dressing Remover Ster Silicone
21.37: Pelvic Toning Devices
21.38: Low Friction Products
21.39: Prosthetic Adhesives
21.40: Bacterial Decolonisation Products
21.41: Physical Debridement Device
21.42: Jaw Rehabilitation Device
21.43: Micro-Enema - Sodium Citrate
21.44: Debrisoft pad 13cm x 20cm
21.45: Douches
21.46: Hernia Support Garments
21.47: Dev For Fungal Nail Infections
21.48: Detection Sensor Interstitial Fluid/Gluc
21.49: Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulator

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