21: Appliances

High-level prescribing trends for Appliances (BNF section 21) across all GP practices in NHS England for the last five years. You can explore prescribing trends for this section by Sub-ICB Location, or learn more about this site.

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21.1: Other Appliances
21.2: Catheters
21.3: Chiropody Appliances
21.4: Contraceptive Devices
21.5: Suprapubic Appliances
21.6: Trusses
21.7: Elastic Hosiery
21.8: Oxygen Masks
21.9: Special Sanction Authorisations
21.10: C.A.P.D. Administration Equipment
21.11: Special Authorisation Guernsey
21.12: Peak Flow Meters
21.13: Catheter Maintenance Products
21.14: Lubricant Gels
21.16: Irrigation Solutions
21.17: Nasal Device
21.18: Erectile Dysfunction Devices
21.19: Oral Film Forming Agents
21.20: Venous Ulcer Compression System
21.21: Dry Mouth Products
21.22: Emollients
21.23: Vaginal Moisturisers
21.24: Nasal Products
21.25: Vaginal Dilators
21.26: Leg Ulcer Wrap
21.27: Lymphoedema Garments
21.28: Anal Irrigation System
21.29: Pressure Offloading Device
21.30: Eye Products
21.31: Cycloidal Vibration Accessories
21.32: Inhalation Solutions
21.33: Indwelling Pleural Cath Drain System
21.34: Vaginal PH Correction Products
21.35: Acne Treatment
21.36: Adhesive Dressing Remover Ster Silicone
21.37: Pelvic Toning Devices
21.38: Low Friction Products
21.39: Prosthetic Adhesives
21.40: Bacterial Decolonisation Products
21.41: Debridement Device
21.42: Jaw Rehabilitation Device
21.43: Micro-Enema - Sodium Citrate
21.44: Debrisoft pad 13cm x 20cm
21.45: Douches
21.46: Hernia Support Garments
21.47: Dev For Fungal Nail Infections
21.48: Detection Sensor Interstitial Fluid/Gluc
21.49: Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulator

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