AMP 925611000001104

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Description Co-amilozide 2.5mg/25mg tablets (Wockhardt UK Ltd)
BNF code 0202040C0AAABAB
Virtual Medicinal Product Co-amilozide 2.5mg/25mg tablets
Name Co-amilozide 2.5mg/25mg tablets
Date of name applicability 4 May 2004
Previous name Co-amilozide 2.5/25 tablets
Supplier Wockhardt UK Ltd
Current licensing authority Medicines - MHRA/EMA
EMA additional monitoring
Parallel import
Restrictions on availability None
Ingredient Lactose
Licensed Route
Licenced route Oral
Actual Medicinal Product Packs
Co-amilozide 2.5mg/25mg tablets (Wockhardt UK Ltd) 28 tablet 2 x 14 tablets

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