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Description TYR Lophlex LQ 20 liquid (Nutricia Ltd) 125 ml
BNF code 0913206G0BBAAAA
Virtual Medicinal Product Pack Generic TYR Lophlex LQ 20 liquid 125 ml
Actual Medicinal Product TYR Lophlex LQ 20 liquid (Nutricia Ltd)
Legal category Not Applicable
Product Prescribing Information
Schedule 2
Personally administered
FP10 MDA Prescription
Schedule 1
Nurse formulary
Nurse extended formulary
Dental formulary
Medicinal Product Price
Price (pence) 2286
Date of price validity 1 Oct 2023
Price prior to change date (pence) 2025
Price basis NHS Indicative Price
Reimbursement Information
Prescription charges 1
Dispensing fees 1
Broken bulk
Calendar pack
Special container Special container
Discount not deducted Discount not deducted - automatic
FP34D prescription item
Global Trade Item Number
GTIN 5016533644487
GTIN date 22 Jul 2013

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