AMPP 4883011000001102

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Description Ephynal 100mg chewable tablets (Imported (Italy)) 30 tablet 3 x 10 tablets
BNF code 0906050T0BBAIAP
Virtual Medicinal Product Pack Alpha tocopheryl acetate 100mg chewable tablets 30 tablet
Actual Medicinal Product Ephynal 100mg chewable tablets (Imported (Italy))
Legal category Not Applicable
Sub pack info 3 x 10 tablets
Medicinal Product Price
Price (pence) 0
Date of price validity 3 Nov 2006
Price prior to change date (pence) 413
Price basis No Price Available
Reimbursement Information
Prescription charges 1
Dispensing fees 1
Broken bulk
Calendar pack
Discount not deducted Discount not deducted - automatic
FP34D prescription item

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