VMP 41573511000001105

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Name Generic ProZero liquid
BNF code 0913261J0AAAHAH
Basis of preferred name Other
Prescribing status Never Valid To Prescribe As A VMP
Sugar free
Gluten free
Preservative free
CFC free
Dose form Not applicable
Ontology Drug Form & Route
Form & Route liquidfood.oral
Dose Form
Formulation Liquid
Drug Route
Route Oral
Controlled Drug Prescribing Information
Controlled Drug category No Controlled Drug Status
Actual Medicinal Products
ProZero liquid chocolate (Vitaflo International Ltd)
ProZero liquid (Flavour Not Specified)
ProZero liquid unflavoured (Vitaflo International Ltd)
Virtual Medicinal Product Packs
Generic ProZero liquid 1000 ml
Generic ProZero liquid 250 ml

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