Prescribing of Amino Acid Formula (AAF) and Extensively Hydrolysed Formula (EHF)) by all Sub-ICB Locations

Why it matters: These products are prescribed for a number of allergy indications, and are most commonly prescribed for Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). Amino acid formula (AAF) products are almost three times more expensive than EHF and it is believed that only a small proportion of infants (thought to be around 10%) need to be started on AAF for CMPA in primary care.

Description: Prescribing of amino acid formula (AAF) products as proportion of AAF and extensively hydrolysed formula (EHF)


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Sub-ICB Locations are ordered by mean percentile over the past six months. Each chart shows the results for the individual Sub-ICB Location, plus deciles across all Sub-ICB Locations in the NHS in England.

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