Co-proxamol by all CCGs

Why it matters: The licence for co-proxamol (paracetamol 325mg, dextroproproxyphene HCl 32.5mg) was withdrawn by the MHRA in 2005, due to a lack of evidence of additional benefit compared with full-dose paracetamol and concerns about toxicity in overdose. Although co-proxamol has been unlicensed since 2007, and the number of prescriptions have significantly dwindled since then, it is still available as an unlicensed product for those patients who have found it difficult to have a suitable alternative analgesic. However, the price for co-proxamol has increased significantly recently, with some suppliers charging £300 for 100 tablets. We estimate that the NHS will spend £9m a year on approximately 56 thousand prescriptions, compared with £10m in 2004 for 7.2 million prescriptions.

Description: Prescribing of co-proxamol per 1000 patients

CCGs are ordered by mean percentile over the past six months. Each chart shows the results for the individual CCG, plus deciles across all CCGs in the NHS in England.

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