Items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care - dronedarone

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Description Cost of dronedarone per 1000 patients
Why it matters

NHS England guidance states:

Dronedarone is used for the maintenance of sinus heart rhythm after cardioversion in clinically stable patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation, when alternative treatments are unsuitable (initiated under specialist supervision).

Dronedarone was originally approved to prevent atrial fibrillation from coming back or to lower the heart rate in adults who have had or have non-permanent atrial fibrillation. In September 2011 this indication was restricted to the maintenance of normal heart rhythm in 'persistent' or 'paroxysmal' atrial fibrillation after normal heart rhythm has been restored. This followed a review of data that became available since its authorisation, including data from the PALLAS study.

NICE guidance puts greater emphasis on rate rather than rhythm control and clarifies the place of dronedarone in the treatment pathway.

For guidance on when prescribing may be appropriate in some exceptional circumstances, please see the full NHS England guidance document.

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Numerator SQL

     CAST(month AS DATE) AS month,
     practice AS practice_id,
     SUM(actual_cost) AS numerator
 FROM hscic.normalised_prescribing
 WHERE bnf_code IN ("0203020X0AAAAAA", "0203020X0BBAAAA")
 GROUP BY month, practice_id

Denominator SQL

     CAST(month AS DATE) AS month,
     practice AS practice_id,
     SUM(total_list_size / 1000.0) AS denominator
 FROM hscic.practice_statistics
 GROUP BY month, practice_id