NHS England Low Priority Treatment - liothyronine (including Armour Thyroid and liothyronine combination products)

Below are the database queries which are used to create this measure. These are run against a copy of the BSA prescribing data which we store in Google BigQuery. We're working on making our BigQuery tables publicly available at which point it will be possible to run and modify these queries yourself. But even where code and database queries are not directly useable by others we believe it is always preferable to make them public.

Description Cost of liothyronine per 1000 patients
Why it matters Liothyronine is used to treat an underactive thyroid. It has a very high cost and limited evidence. It is sometimes used in combination with levothyroxine in products. Most patients can have symptoms controlled on much cheaper levothyroxine. The manufacturer has been the subject of a Competition and Markets Authority investigation.
Tags Cost Saving, NHS England Low Priority
Implies cost savings Yes
Authored by richard.croker
Checked by brian.mackenna
Last reviewed 2019-07-30
Next review due 2020-07-30
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Numerator SQL

     CAST(month AS DATE) AS month,
     practice AS practice_id,
     SUM(actual_cost) AS numerator
 FROM hscic.normalised_prescribing
 WHERE bnf_code IN ("0602010M0AAAAAA", "0602010M0AAADAD", "0602010M0AAAIAI", "0602010M0AAANAN", "0602010M0AAAQAQ", "0602010M0AAASAS", "0602010M0AAAUAU", "0602010M0AAAVAV", "0602010M0AAAWAW", "0602010M0AAAZAZ", "0602010M0AABABA", "0602010M0BBAAAA", "0602010M0BFAAAD", "0602010M0BFACAW", "0602010Z0AAAAAA", "0602010Z0AAABAB", "0602010Z0AAACAC", "0602010Z0AAADAD", "0602010Z0AAAIAI", "0602010Z0AAAJAJ", "0602010Z0AAAKAK", "0602010Z0BBAAAE", "0602010Z0BBABAA", "0602010Z0BBACAB", "0602010Z0BBADAD", "0602010Z0BBAGAC", "0602010Z0BBAHAH", "0602010Z0BDAAAB", "0602010Z0BDABAA", "0602010Z0BDACAD", "0602010Z0BEAAAI", "0602010Z0BEABAJ", "0602010Z0BEACAK", "0602010Z0BFAAAA", "0602010Z0BFABAB")
 GROUP BY month, practice_id

Denominator SQL

     CAST(month AS DATE) AS month,
     practice AS practice_id,
     SUM(total_list_size / 1000.0) AS denominator
 FROM hscic.practice_statistics
 GROUP BY month, practice_id