Items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care - paracetamol and tramadol combination by all Sub-ICB Locations

Why it matters:

NHS England guidance states:

Although the combination product has reduced in price since this guidance was first published in 2017, there is no further evidence that indicates significant advantages over individual products.

A PrescQIPP CIC bulletin did not identify any significant advantages over individual products; however, it recognised that some people may prefer to take one product instead of two. While the strengths of tramadol (37.5mg) and paracetamol (325mg) in the combination product are lower than those in commonly available individual preparations of tramadol (50mg) and paracetamol (500mg), the PrescQIPP CIC review found no evidence that the combination product is more effective or safer than the individual preparations.

NHS England recommend that GPs:

Description: Cost of paracetamol and tramadol combination per 1000 patients

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Sub-ICB Locations are ordered by mean percentile over the past six months. Each chart shows the results for the individual Sub-ICB Location, plus deciles across all Sub-ICB Locations in the NHS in England.

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