Prescribing across the NHS in England

Prescribing measures

The charts below show the distribution of prescribing behaviour across CCGs in NHS England on various measures covering safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness (read more about these).

If all CCGs across England had prescribed at least as well as the median CCG on the cost-saving measures the monthly cost saving in April 2019 would have been:

If they had prescribed as well as the best decile the saving would have been:

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Low priority prescribing

NHS England produce a list of products considered low priority for funding by the NHS. The total monthly spend on such products in April 2019 was: £20,400,000

If every CCG had prescribed low priority products at least as sparingly as the median CCG the monthly cost saving in April 2019 would have been:

If they had prescribed at the level achieved by the best decile the saving would have been:

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PPU cost savings

There is wide variation in the unit cost of a number of medicines prescribed across England, due to the way the reimbursement system is structured.

We have calculated the potential monthly cost saving if every CCG achieved the unit cost obtained by the best 10%. In April 2019 this was:

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Impact of price concessions

We have estimated the additional spending due to price concessions on out-of-stock products by taking the latest available prescribing data from April 2019 and projecting forwards. In June 2019 this amounts to:

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Showing measures tagged Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Stewardship is when an organisation promotes and monitors the correct use of antibiotics to ensure they remain effective in the future. The following measures are useful for monitoring antibiotic prescribing to support antimicrobial stewardship and reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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